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Post  Monkey Hood on Tue Dec 11, 2007 4:31 pm

1. Make threads based on Subjects, on single images. For example, a thread on Lolcats would be fine, but a thread about one particular image are not fine.
2. If you are an artist, and want to showcase your work, make sure you keep your work in only one thread. Be sure to name it something like "X's art", where X is your name.
3. If an image is relevant in more than one thread, it is okay to post it in both.
4. If a thread is going to have large images (screenshots, pictures from a camera, etc.), be sure to add "(NSF56k)" to the subject. The thread is not safe for viewing with a 56k modem (not like anyone has those anymore)
5. If you are posting a particularly large image, in a thread that doesn't have the (NSF56k) tag, instead of using
you would want to use a hyperlink, something alone the lines of
6. You can upload images on any site you want, be it photobucket, imageshack, or the forum itself. I myself would recommend not using photobucket or imageshack, mainly because most schools have them blocked. I'm not sure how capable the forum hosting is, as there might be size limitations or something along those lines. I would recommend getting an account at Fileden, which is a bit harder to manage than photobucket, but it gives you 1 gb storage, with 5 gb/month bandwidth for free. Even better, it accepts files that aren't images or videos too.
7. This board is Safe for Work. Keep things clean here. Of course, if you MUST make a topic on something Not Safe for Work, just add "(NSFW)" to the subject. Even then though, it might be deleted if I deem it too inappropriate.
8. Oh right, due to lack of specification from Tali, this board could have a couple different things. Flash Videos, for instance, could probably have a topic here.

As of right now, this board is going to be lightly moderated, due to lack of members. However, once things start picking up, I may be a bit stricter. Only time will tell though.
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